The Time Tardis

It is prophesied that in the year 2021, in a Lancashire town known as Ormskirk, many will bear witness to a strange phenomena, when the past will meet the future, brought together by the wings of time. 

Foretelling of extraordinary happenings and strange sightings.

Time Tardis Illustration by Andy Shaw

This artwork has been created by the artists Julie James – Turner and Andy Shaw and utilises a K6 1930’s phone box, an object that has been a familiar sight on our streets for many years. The Time Tardis will showcase important periods of Ormskirk’s history.

In the creation of the work Andy researched Viking heritage and discovered the Raven was strongly associated with the symbolism often used as familiars. He chose to use them as emblems of wisdom, intellect, and bravery as the Vikings had envisage a world of new possibilities, whilst being aware and mindful of the past.

Research led Julie to focus on several points in Ormskirk’s history and has revealed a rich narrative of the traditional market town over the years.

Julie has been working with several individuals to create dioramas of these historical points in time. Together these create the Time Tardis, an installation that encourages conversations about Ormskirk’s history and illuminates the past.

Below are a few images of work the in progress.

Viking Times Ormskirk by Paul Seaford
Medieval Market Ormskirk by Jenny Eyres
Sarah Fyles & Her Hingerbread by Gemma Caunce
Ormskirk train station early 1900s by Julie James-Turner
Edwardian Ormskirk by Ricci Flynn
War Horses WW1 in Ormskirk Rail Station by Julie James-Turner
Positive Placemakers
The Chapel
Historic England
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