Record Your Memories Of School In Ormskirk

Many of us look back fondly on our school days as the best days of our lives, before work and the ‘real world’ took over we had freedoms that are not necessarily the same in later life. Many of you reading this will have attended one of the three secondary schools in Ormskirk, namely Ormskirk Grammar School, Cross Hall High School or St Bede’s and if you did we would love to hear your memories of your time there.

We are currently working with the Ormskirk School Foundation Trust to develop a part of our virtual museum and gallery that will contain objects, photographs and documents relating to Ormskirk Grammar School. Among this archive will be the a reproduction of an original leather bound book which dates to the foundation of the Grammar School in 1612 and records 400 years of the schools history.

To compliment this archive we are looking to record your memories of attending school in Ormskirk, either as audio recordings, video recordings or as a written statement. As little as a few lines or a couple of minutes of audio would be plenty, although you can tell us as much as you’d like!

Written Statements

Writing a statement couldn’t be simpler. Any text editor or word processor can be used and you can submit your finished statement to us through our submissions page.

Audio Recording

There are plenty of tools available to create audio recordings quickly and easily on to your mobile device. Apple devices have an in built audio recorder that will allow you to email the recordings and Rev, a free app available for both iOS and Android devices offers even more functionality. Whichever app you choose you can email your recordings directly to us at or submit them through our submissions page.

Video Recording

Video recordings will require a bit more effort, but most devices and modern digital cameras have an in built video recording function. If you can then a tripod will help greatly with the quality of your video, but failing that the steady hand of someone in your household will do just fine. Video files can be larger than audio and may require a file transfer service to use. We would recommend WeTransfer, a free service that allows for the sending of files up to 2GB. To use it you will need to submit our email address ( and your own name and email address.

Whichever method that you choose to send us your memories, don’t forget to provide us with as much background as you can and include your name so that we can credit your contribution.

Should you have any questions about the process please feel free to contact us.

There are lots more ways that you and four whole family can get involved in helping to create a virtual reality gallery and museum for Ormskirk, from sending us photographs to art activities and more. Find out more about them here.