The Time Tardis

As an artist who works with many different groups and organisations, I have had the wonderful opportunity to work with an amazing group of individuals from Learning Stars community group, based in Ormskirk, whose lives have been significantly impacted by covid. Involvement in this project has brought so much positivity and purpose to this group of people, through creativity and social connectivity. The art project is part of ‘Once upon a time’ and this group’s collaborative artwork has utilised a K6 1930’s telephone box, an object that has great sentimental value and has been a familiar object on our streets. This has been a unique experience, together we have created a Time Tardis in a telephone box to showcase important periods of Ormskirk’s history through dioramas.

My research into Ormskirk’s history had led me to focus on several points in time and revealed a rich narrative of the traditional market town over the years. From the myth of the church of St Peter and St Paul’s two towers, to the amazing Viking settlement, medieval markets, gingerbread sellers, to both world wars. All have had an impact and have helped shape the town into what it is today.

Each individual within the group had the components for one historical diorama box posted to them. Receiving a parcel through the post is exciting and was very symbolic of sharing and giving. We have all enjoyed receiving parcels through the restrictions of lockdown.

The group had to depict a specific point in history at home, with the support from instructions and discussions from myself via zoom group sessions or phone conversations. The zoom sessions and phone contact provided a source of contact for this group, who have had little social contact during lockdown. Engagement with the project has revealed Ormskirk’s history for many for the first time, and these historical discoveries have encouraged conversations around events and the lives of people from the past, making Ormskirk’s history come alive. Being immersed in the creative process helped individuals to be mindful of something positive for a while and enjoy being in the moment, which was often difficult during lockdown. Having the opportunity to participate in a creative journey, make connections with others, as well as making something to celebrate your own towns history for the local community has provided an opportunity to promote positive feelings of wellbeing for all of us who have taken part.