How To Get Involved

There are lots of great ways to get involved!

• Share Ormskirk’s History
• Record Ormskirk’s Present
• Imagine Ormskirk’s Future

Ormskirk’s History

Share your experiences of living, working or studying in Ormskirk over the decades by adding your personal anecdotes, stories, poems, photos or artworks to ‘The Clock Tower’ Virtual Museum & Gallery. By contributing to an interactive, online, Ormskirk archive, your grandchildren, and even their grandchildren’s grandchildren, can learn about you, your life and how Ormskirk has changed across the years.

Download a factsheet for ideas:

Ormskirk Photographs | Share Your Story | Become A History Detective | Make A Historical Diorama | Design A Historical Costume

Ormskirk & West Lancashire’s Present

The Coronavirus Pandemic has had a huge impact on the everyday lives of people across the globe, including our local community here in Ormskirk. We are inviting you to create a valuable record of these extraordinary times by submitting audio interviews, written accounts, poems, artworks, and photographs to ‘The Clock Tower’ Virtual Museum & Gallery – an interactive, online, Ormskirk archive. Future generations will be able to learn about what Lancashire life was really like in lockdown.

We are particularly interested in your photographs of West Lancashire during the pandemic, which can be emailed to

Download a factsheet for more ideas:

Colouring In Competition | Capture An Oral History | Create a Photo Archive of Life in Lockdown

Ormskirk’s Future

What will Ormskirk be like in the future? What will remain the same and what will change? We’re inviting you to imagine Ormskirk 100 years from now, by creating artworks, performances, stories or poems, and adding them to ‘The Clock Tower’ Virtual Museum & Gallery – an interactive, online, Ormskirk archive. In 100 years, the residents of Ormskirk, perhaps including your great, great, great grandchildren, will be able visit the Museum & Gallery and discover what we predicted correctly… and got completely wrong!

Download a factsheet for ideas:

Ormskirk 100 Years From Now | A Message for the Future (coming soon)

Those who get involved could see their efforts rewarded by receiving a bronze, silver or gold ‘History Detective’ certificate.

Some may even receive a voucher worth £50, £25 or £15 for extra merit. They will be awarded as 1st, 2nd & 3rd prizes respectively.

Vouchers will be awarded  in February for oral histories, dioramas and submissions to the One Hundred Years from Now project. 

To submit your photographs, stories, audio or video you can email them to Don’t forget to provide as much information as you can about your submission.

More details on how we will handle submissions can be found here.

Illustration: Gingerbread Detective by maxine Lee-Mackie
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