The Grand Hall - 100 Years From Now

What will Ormskirk look like in one hundred years?

Will there be automated robotic gingerbread man walking around?

You can help create a digital installation that will go on display in Ormskirk town centre and be available to view online.

Have a look at the guidance provided here.

Work with artist Alex Jukes, draw your ideas, paint a picture or make a 3D model, maybe out of Lego.

Then submit an image of your work and see it displayed online, all submissions will receive a certificate.

Those outstanding submissions will be awarded a prize.

One Hundred Years from Now is the work of artist Dr Alex Jukes. Alex’s work is inspired by architectural spaces, virtual spaces, material spaces and our relationship to space and place. Using animation, projection, VR and installation Alex will reimagine Ormskirk as a townscape one century from now. 

One Hundred Years from Now is about the process of creation, application and perception of space as a physical (and virtual) manifestation driven by a collective of ideas and imaginings from the local community. Working collaboratively with young people from local schools as well as from the wider community Alex’s ambition is to create a living, dynamic vision of Ormskirk town 100 years from now.

One aim for the project is to initiate an ongoing discussion about who we are, how we live, to ask what our aspirations as a community might be and to consider how we might determine change over the next 100 years.  Through art making and a creative exploration of key issues young people will be invited to engage with long-term change, develop mutual respect within communities and act as agents for change within their environment.

As such Alex Jukes will be working closely with Karen Bloyce, Programme Leader of BA Children and Young People’s Learning and Development at Edge Hill University, to engage local schools and young people in the project. Through the practices of drawing, modelling, writing and research, young people will be invited to (re)imagine, (re)design, (re)build Ormskirk for the year 2120.

Schools: Three-week Project

Week 1 – Research

School groups to research Ormskirk old and new. Research will be based on a set of indicative themes. The result of the research will be a vision of Ormskirk in 100 years based on the chosen themes – for example it might be climate change, land-use and migration and how this will impact on geography, architecture, population, transport etc.

At the end of the week pupils will have the following outputs:

A set of statements relating to how they imagine Ormskirk will be in 100 years.
A set of themes that will inform the design stage at week 2

Week 2 – Design

This will be the planning week. Pupils will design streets, buildings and amenities based on the themes and statements from week 1. This will consist of drawings, designs, street maps, town planning, poster campaigns (based on themes/statements). Pupils to work in small groups addressing specific themes as above.

At the end of the week pupils will have the following outputs:
Building designs
Street plan for New Ormskirk

Week 3 – Full Build

Pupils to construct and realise ideas from week 1 and 2.

At the end of the week pupils will have the following outputs:

Photos/videos of construction
Physical build

Written and visual feedback to be collected from teachers and pupils.

Analysis of creative process from imagined to realised townscape

How issues and themes from pupils have been reimagined in New Ormskirk.

Positive Placemakers
The Chapel
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