A Brief History Of Ormskirk

It all started with a Viking named Orme, who, having been expelled from his lands, made the decision to settle on high ground overlooking the marshy West Lancashire Plain. Thanks to Orme we have Ormskirk, a place that has adapted and changed throughout the ages in response to many different influences, such as motorisation, agricultural change and globalisation to become the town it is today, serving the local community and beyond. Ormskirk has a rich and varied cultural heritage and we need your help to preserve its history and improve its accessibility for future generations.

To help you out and to look at how Ormskirk has responded to crisis in the past, we have created this brief history of the town.

Split into twelve sections initially, we will be adding more throughout the project, as well as featuring more in depth looks at the town’s history in our blog.

An Origin Shrouded In Myth & Mystery
The Market & The Making Of Ormskirk
A Unique Parish Church
Ormskirk During The English Civil War
Agriculture In West Lancashire
Ormskirk During The Industrial Revolution
Ormskirk At The Forefront Of Public Works
The Railway Comes To Ormskirk
The Development Of A Market Town
A Brief History Of The Clock Tower
Ormskirk During The Spanish Flu Pandemic
Ormskirk Through Two World Wars

Postcard from the personal collection of Dot Broady-Hawkes
Positive Placemakers
The Chapel
Historic England
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