100 Years From Now

Children from Ormskirk C of E Primary School and Ormskirk West End Primary School collaborated with the artist Alex Jukes to create this amazing installation.

They explored a whole range of issues from climate change to living spaces.

During a series of workshops, they came up with a range of highly imaginative ideas, that have influenced the creation of this artwork,  including the following:-

  • Houses on stilts, which can walk.
  • Huge green leaf structures, that can improve the quality of the air we breathe.
  • Not forgetting a few robots, unicorns, and mermaids!
  • A selection of the children’s drawings are also on display. Over the coming months, a selection will also be added to the Virtual Gallery space in the Clock Tower.

The artwork is on display in 0rmskirk Town Centre in wheatsheaf walks. In a unit opposite the car park.

The projection mapping display will be on from 10am to 9pm every day from Wednesday 1st September.

If you have any great ideas that should be included, please send your artwork to submissions@onceuponatownormskirk.co.uk and we will exhibit them in the Once Upon a Town Ormskirk Gallery.

Any media can be used,  including images of 2D drawings, paintings, and 3D models, lego, mixed media, drawings, collages.

We can wait to see your ideas!